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With four generations of industry knowledge and experience, we have the expertise to deliver results.

We’re family owned and Queensland based. Servicing projects across Australia, at GeoDrill Australia we pride ourselves on our rock solid safety record, professional culture and advanced capabilities across exploration, geotechnical and water drilling.

Trusted by Australia’s biggest operators in mining, civil and construction, we’re the operators customers turn to when they need the job done right.


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Completed Projects Australia-Wide



Our story


First generation taught to drill for Royal Engineers in Eygpt in the Second World War.


Second generation’s knowledge grows, specialising in water bore drilling.


Formerly registered as GeoDrill with a team of five and two rigs.


Fleet grown to three specialised geotechincal rigs.


Fourth generation driller Tom Partleton
officially takes the reins of GeoDrill Australia.


Drilling in three states across Australia with Tier 1 customers.


Fleet grown to five exploration rigs, two geotechnical rigs and one water bore rigs with a team of 45.


Team grows to 70+ people, drilling across SA, QLD, NSW & the NT.


Dedicated to your success.

Expect professionalism, real-time data, minimal risks, automated safety procedures, and enhanced training to keep every project on time and within budget.


We set the bench mark for safety in the industry.

We’re looking after our team, customers, contractors, and visitors through the continuous improvement of our Occupational Health and Safety (OSH) management practices, routine inspections, hazard and risk assessments and environmental regulations.

At GeoDrill Australia we are ISO and NHVAS accredited and members of the ADIA.


When you're working with the best, maximum productivity is guaranteed.

Our team’s diverse blend of knowledge, skills and perspectives has created an unbreakable culture where every member is valued, encouraged, and supported.


Go further with expert drillers and advanced technology at your next dig.

We work with customers nationwide for exploration, geotechnical and water bore projects.

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Meet Our Leadership Team


Tom Partleton

Managing Director

Tom commenced employment in the drilling industry in 2002 and has been with GeoDrill Australia since 2008. During his time with the company, Tom has progressed through the ranks from a driller’s assistant, to driller and then under the company’s supervision he attained an ADITC accreditation in a Diploma of Drilling Operations.

In 2017, Tom purchased the business from his father to continue the family name into the next generation of drilling. Tom has strong family values, is a dedicated leader, and is focused on guiding team members to deliver high-quality outcomes for our customers.

Tom’s focus is on creating an unbreakable culture strongly aligned with GeoDrill Australia’s company values.

Emma Partleton


Emma plays a pivotal role in GeoDrill Australia's vision and strategic development. She consistently provides planning and support that aligns with our long-term objectives and vision.

Her expertise extends to building and strengthening the management team to ensure optimal performance and a safe working environment.

Emma's strategic approach also extends to brand-building, where she identifies opportunities to enhance GeoDrill Australia's presence and reputation.

Michael Brookes

General Manager

Michael Brookes, with a distinguished 20-year presence in the drilling industry, boasts a comprehensive technical background acquired through exposure to a myriad of applications within the sector. His professional trajectory has seen collaboration with Tier One clients on both national and international scales.

Having traversed drilling landscapes in Australia and made impactful contributions internationally in Papua New Guinea, Mali (Africa), Namibia (Africa), and Tanzania (Africa), Michael's expertise encompasses a spectrum of specialized domains. His proficiency spans into but not limited to the following: deep directional drilling management, manipulation of downhole NAVI cycles for trajectory adjustments leading to diverse target intersections. Management of large-diameter water well installations, 8-inch and 4-inch coring techniques, utilization of rotary mud and rotary air methodologies in the Bowen Basin coal fields, adeptness in reverse circulation drilling, and successful execution of oil & gas production well installations in the Surat Basin, Queensland. Michael has successfully managed large scale operations up to 150 employees in an international setting with both surface and underground operation as well as the responsibility for the financial success of the projects under his leadership.

Michael's technical prowess is underpinned by academic achievements, including an Advanced Diploma in Drilling Management, Diploma in Project Management, and a Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety. Furthermore, his commitment to safety is underscored by his completion of ICAM lead investigator certification. Beyond his technical competencies, he brings to the table expertise in underground grade control management, orchestration of surface-to-underground breakthrough bore holes, and proficiency in geotechnical drilling.

Lissett Dellinger

Chief Financial Officer

With an impressive background in financial management, Lissett's expertise and dynamic approach are set to elevate our financial operations.

Lissett's impressive track record is underscored by her exceptional ability to harmonize data from diverse sources and seamlessly integrate finance systems. This acumen is anticipated to significantly enhance the efficiency and efficacy of our financial operations.

Lissett's belief in collaboration and mutual respect aligns perfectly with GeoDrill Australia's values, bringing value to our Team.

Daniel Smith

Workplace Health, Safety & Training Manager

Daniel has an extensive background in the drilling industry, beginning his journey in 2011 as a Driller's Assistant. Over the years, he has demonstrated exceptional dedication and skills, steadily advancing to become a Driller. His career progression continued as he took on the responsibilities of Supervisor, showcasing his leadership abilities.

With a keen focus on safety and professional development, Daniel has now assumed the crucial role of Workplace Health, Safety & Training Manager. Daniel is committed to the wellbeing and growth of our Team Members, ensuring they are equipped to deliver high-quality service to our customers.

With his expertise and dedication, Daniel continues to be a driving force in our mission to maintain a safe and successful drilling operation.

Lisa Kelly

People, Culture and HR Manager

Lisa Kelly, our newly appointed People Culture and HR Manager, brings a wealth of managerial experience with a strong focus on HR responsibilities from her operational roles. Lisa adeptly navigates challenges akin to those in construction and drilling, seeking a transition to prioritise quality time with her family. Her HR expertise spans attraction, recruitment, retention, and cultural initiatives, along with managing industrial aspects of people and culture. Lisa excels in addressing onboarding issues, workplace incidents, and developing programs to enhance employee retention and attraction. Confident in reviewing and interpreting awards, she emphasises staying updated on industry regulations, showcasing her willingness to collaborate for compliance. Lisa's adaptability and transparency make her a highly capable and communicative candidate, ready to contribute her versatility and positivity to our team.

Jessica McLaren

Mobilisation Coordinator

Jess comes to the GeoDrill Australia Team with over 15 years experience in recruitment and human resources. Her excellent attention to detail and ability to deal and interact with management and Team Members at all levels provides a firm foundation for our Team. As well as looking after all onboarding and mobilisation needs of our Team, a key focus of Jess's position is to ensure our company culture is at the utmost of importance, whilst providing high-level human resource support to our operational and leadership team.

Melody Mark

Senior Accounts Officer

Melody started with GeoDrill Australia in 2021, in the capacity of Senior Accounts Officer, bringing with her extensive experience in all aspects of financial processes, management accounting, project cost control and payroll. Melody is responsible for the day to day finance functions, monthly reporting, budgeting and payroll, along with assisting the Managing Director and Business Manager in all things finance.

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